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We are a translation and interpreting company with collaborators in the main European languages. We select qualified translators and interpreters who translate into their mother tongue, according to their fields of speciality to ensure precise translations that read as originals, and that work efficiently for their purpose.

For over 9 years, we have provided translation and interpreting services for lawyers, businesses, institutions and individuals to multiply their business options, facilitate their international presence and reach a wider audience.

The company is managed by Vanessa Bech, with a Degree in Spanish Law and in Translation and Interpreting by the University of Granada. She started translating as a personal assistant in reputed lawyer´s and notaries´offices in London and Marbella, in matters regarding Civil, Company and Procedural Law. Since her appointment as a certified interpreter and translator of English, she is fully engaged in translating and managing translation and interpreting projects in different fields and language combinations, with special emphasis in legal translation, updating her translation-related skills continuously and ensuring the professionalism of the team she works with to offer the best translation service.

What do you need?

Sworn Translation

Sworn translations are done by certified translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

Translation of Diplomas and Academic Transcripts

By using our transcript and diploma translation service, we help you apply for a grant, continue your studies...

Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents requires knowledge of legal terminology and a work of comparison...

Business Translation

Translation of annual reports, balance sheets, consultancy reports, corporate material, commercial...

Sworn Interpretation

Some arrangements with legal relevance require the intervention of a sworn interpreter...

Consecutive Interpretation

In this interpretation modality, the interpreter renders the message in the target language when the speaker...

Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker´s words are translated into other languages in real time with a slight delay...

Chuchotage (Whispering) Interpretation

Chuchotage is a kind of interpretation where a specialist interprets for 1-2 people into one language...

We also we care for

Quality translations

We select professional translators according to their field of specialisation, who translate to their mother tongue to render a translation adapted to the target culture.

Liaising with the Client

This allow us to asses your translation and interpreting needs and assign you the most suitable professional: knowing what is the purpose of your translation: publication, corporate information, internal use; accessing related documentation and communicating with the client to solve any doubts or ambiguities on the original, contribute to the success of the translation or interpretation.


We work to ensure the confidentiality of our communications and the documentation received.


We are aware that having your translation on the term agreed is as important as delivering an accurate translation. Whether you need the translation of a business presentation, a deed to sign at the notary´s office, or the translation of a certificate for your appointment at the Foreign Department, we stick to the deadline agreed with the client.

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