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Simultaneous Interpretation

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What does it consist of?

In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker´s words are translated into other languages in real time with a slight delay. The interpreter via a sound system, isolated in a booth, listens to the speaker through his headphones, so that the audience may select the channel where the message is being conveyed in their language. The interpreter´s booth must have a screen or a view to the hall, to allow him to follow the discourse or any visual presentation. There is one booth per language and interpreters usually work in pairs and take it in turns every 15-20 minutes.

Simultaneous interpreting is best-fit for conferences, congresses or press conferences with a large audience where a lot of information is conveyed, and when several language are involved.

This type of interpretation requires highly qualified interpreters and a previous exhaustive preparation by researching terminology and any documents provided by the client and the speakers.

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