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Legal Translation

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What legal document do you need to translate?

  • Translation of collaboration agreement
  • Renancy Agreement
  • Contract of Employment
  • Minutes of a Meeting
  • Articles of Association
  • Non-disclosure Agreement.

What does it consist of?

The translation of legal documents requires knowledge of legal terminology and a work of comparison of the legal systems to find the precise term in the target legal system, or where appropriate, to define it to make it understandable in a different legal system. Due to its relevance and speciality, legal translation requires translators who have solid knowledge of Law, that can guarantee the precise translation of documents which create rights and duties.

If we also consider the frequent use of archaisms and long syntactic constructions used in legal language, it is essential to resort to translators with analytic ability, specialised in legal translation, and with attention to detail.

In Bech traducciones, we only rely on professional specialised legal translators.

traducción de documentos jurídicos

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Please, tell us what you need, to assess the best-fit interpreting modality for you event. You can also call us on (+34) 658 90 08 28.

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